Our Core Business Services

GSD Manufacturing’s purpose is to establish and operate a manufacturing company, that provide services to designing and manufacturing sectors.

We are Experienced

We are on Time

We are Satisfactory

Engineering Services

We are a well-established engineering business with experienced employees that are able to help clients with various aspects of engineering. We machine a wide range of materials. We provide continuous Excellent service to all our clients while exceeding their expectations in terms of quality service and turnaround time.


We run both CNC Lathes and machine centres

  1. 5 CNC machining centres (1400 X 700 X 700) included in this centre is 2 X 4-Axis Machines
  2. 7 CNC Lathes (2100 X 700) included in this is one vertical Lathe (800mm Diameter maximum)


We run a strict inhouse quality management system. This ensures total traceability on all jobs flowing through our manufacturing process.


Metal Casting Consultancy

The goal of each company is to be competitive, sustainable and to remain relevant. Most foundries in South Africa at the moment are facing difficult times therefore are not price competitive and are not sustainable.

Our focus is to help foundries increase their competitiveness and sustainability by reducing wastage, defects and losses within their manufacturing process.

The aim is to help South African companies be competitive, sustainable and remain relevant through improving their productivity and efficiency with focus being on:

  • Cleaner production.
  • Lean manufacturing.
  • Rapid process improvement.

Companies have a moral duty to be responsible in facets of their operations. We help foundries transform from being a conventional foundry in to a green foundry through business development.

Additive Manufacturing/
(3D Metal Printing) AM

GSD manufacturing offers manufacturing platform that is end-to-end online solution for both prototype (once off) and to full production.

AM products are used as final products in Aviation, Aerospace, Defence, Medical, Automotive and consumer product industries like sport and leisure.

The process allows designers and engineers to achieve complexity in both design and manufacturing.

Some advantages of AM include:

  • Gives freedom of design; almost any shape can be manufactured. High complex parts that could not be manufactured by other processes can be manufactured.
  • Quotes to be received within hours, and parts within days.
  • Process is responsive and flexible with short manufacturing lead times.
  • Accelerated research and development stage that allows for products to be launched to the market faster.
  • No tooling cost is required; parts can be manufactured without any tooling investment which has a big impact on the cost of parts..

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is used to determine materials and surface treatments used to manufacture a component. We apply metallurgical techniques to investigate and compile a detailed assessment of a component.

The assessment report include analysis of composition and comparison with relevant standards to determine the material grade. Mechanical properties including tensile, impact and hardness testing, are used to determine and match with international specifications and confirm material treatments and condition.

Did you know you don’t necessarily have to have a CAD drawing to create a part? With reverse engineering we help customers to reproduce parts and components when they don’t have drawings and CAD models.

We use a 3D scan to create and generate a CAD model from a physical part.