About Us

Defining The Undefined

GSD Manufacturing

We are an African enterprise, established in February 2020. In this year, the world faced many challenges, many of which are still being faced. It was during these challenging times that the South African Government expressed it’s needs for true manufacturing companies in the region. It was clear that there was a significant shortage of manufacturing services and this needed to be addressed. Our focus is on metal casting, metal casting consultancy, reverse engineering, metal manufacturing services included in these are 3D metal printing (additive manufacturing - AM) and engineering services. In addition to the above, we manufacture liquid alcohol-based sanitizers as well as procure and distribute gel alcohol-based sanitizer.


Our mission is to provide our clients with the best execution for designs. Keep our steady commitment to our planet while creating jobs and opening the industry to our youth.


To be the best name in the metal manufacturing industry worldwide.




GSD Manufacturing holds highly the continuation of our natural resources. We are committed to sustainability of both our planet and people and to preserve our responsibility to social well-being our of environment.

We Make Business Better By Delivering Reliable Solutions

GSD Manufacturing’s purpose is to establish and operate a manufacturing company, that provides services to the design and manufacturing sectors. Our unique selling proposition (USP’s) include:

Inexpensive manufacturing costs

Quality services

Diversified materials in manufacturing processes