Our Core Business Services

GSD Manufacturing’s purpose is to establish and operate a manufacturing company, that provide services to designing and manufacturing sectors.

Our Logo

Strelitzia flower, also known as the Bird of Paradise, is considered to be one of the South African National flowers. We are finding resemblance in our existence with that of the flower.

Our aim is to define the undefined in the manufacturing sector through innovative and diversified processes. Continuous growth strategies are our vehicles to attain success. We have aligned ourselves with 4th Industrial Revolution Initiatives (4IRI) as global reference.

Alcohol Sanitizers

During this pandemic, GSD Manufacturing seized the opportunity to manufacture and distribute much needed sanitizer products.

Through careful research and investigation, we found a suitable sanitiser recipe, which proved beneficial in the fight against the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

We presently manufacture alcohol based liquid sanitizers to customers’ requirements.