GSD Contact Us MANUFACTURING Defining The Undefined We believes that anything that can be imagined can be designed and manufactured. About Us We offer locally manufactured
quality components.
Our purpose is to establish and operate a
manufacturing company that provides services
to designing & manufacturing sectors”
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About Us GSD-Manufacturing

Strelitzia flower, also known as the Bird of Paradise, is considered to be one of the South African National flowers. We are finding resemblance in our existence with that of the flower.

Our aim is to define the undefined in the manufacturing sector through innovative and diversified processes. Continuous growth strategies are our vehicles to attain success. We have aligned ourselves with 4th Industrial Revolution Initiatives (4IRI) as global reference.

Message From The CEO

I am inspired by unexploited opportunities within our industry. As it is at the moment people are losing their jobs and companies are closing down, while there are enough opportunities for new enterprises to emerge. There is a huge market for manufacturers in South Africa and Africa as a whole. Currently we are importing while our manufacturers are struggling and that has to change. I would like to bring hope back into the industry. As South Africans we have manufacturing knowledge and experience. I believe the industry can be revived. GSD Manufacturing is inspired to empower distressed foundries into thriving foundries.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with the best execution for designs. Keep our steady commitment to our planet while creating jobs and opening the industry to our youth.